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Market Research that’s Better for Everyone

EveryAnswer reaches more, representative survey participants from populations as small as 50,000 people

EveryAnswer is increasing the range of people who are included in public opinion research

We recruit participants from a variety of digital platforms in order to meet them where they are. The flexibility of our approach allows us to recruit far more participants for much smaller populations while dramatically increasing engagement and reducing fraud. EveryAnswer includes more voices in research and, ultimately, in decision making.


A Better Way to Recruit Research Participants

At EveryAnswer we’re on a mission to change market research for the better. Market research today is heavily dependent on panels. While a good option for some projects, it means going back to the same people over and over again for their opinions.

Improving Representation

We continually recruit new participants from digital platforms to get new perspectives in market research. Over 95% of our respondents take less than one survey per week.

Supporting Good Causes

To thank our participants for their time, we reward them with donations to causes they support. This removes the key incentive for fraud while supporting the work of charities.

Reducing Fraud in Research

The EveryAnswer model promotes genuine participation while discouraging fraudsters. Fraud is a serious problem in modern market research. Our donation-for-completion model thanks participants in a way that isn’t attractive to bots.

Committed to Transparency

As we develop EveryAnswer, we’re committed to disclosing the donations we make to thank our survey participants. To start, we’ll be posting donation disclosures after each survey concludes at

Back of a group of volunteers

Improving Incentives

Instead of compensating participants directly, we make a donation to the participant’s choice of cause. Not only can more people participate in our surveys, we’re able to make larger donations than the amount we would be able to pay out in rewards. 

For Researchers

EveryAnswer offers several clear advantages for survey researchers:

Access Small Geographies and Hard-to-Reach Demographics

EveryAnswer can reach 10X more respondents small geographies and subpopulations

Real Respondents with Higher Engagement

EveryAnswer respondents spend more time on each question and provide more 3-4X more detail in their responses

Access New Respondents Who Don't Regularly Take Surveys

Over 95% of our respondents take research surveys less than once per week—75% less than once a month

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